• Real Estate Data Information eXchange

    REDIX is a real estate cloud service that provides real-time acquisition, processing and management
    of your prospects, communications and inventory.

    Our unique platform gives agents and brokers of any size the cutting edge technology required to remain
    competitive, and profitable, in today’s challenging environment.

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The most advanced real estate management system available is about to get even better. REDIX v2 is currently under development!

This is REDIX. The one & only prospect management system you will ever need.

It’s not about having the right opportunities.

It’s about handling the opportunities right.


lines of code


years in development


clients beating you

Here is what REDIX can do for you

Lead Generation

Prospect Management

24/7 Support

Detailed Analytics

Social Media

Automated Marketing

Do you want to use REDIX?

We are currently working on REDIX v2 and are busy supporting our existing customers in the transition and are not taking on new clients at this time. Please feel free to drop us a note and we will let you know when the next release becomes available so we can determine if this is the right platform for your company.